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How STDs Can Be Good for Your Health

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We’ll let you in on a secret: Socially Transmitted Data (STDs) are good for your health.

Updating Twitter, searching for information on Google, texting your friends, and carrying your mobile phone – these activities may hold the key to preventing your next cold or knowing when flu will be keeping the kids at home so you can get them Echinacea and call the sitter in time.

In this panel, we’ll discuss how the data you leave in your wake, every day, holds within it vast opportunity to predict and even improve personal and public health; and we’ll delve into some of the latest research and tools that are helping uncover what’s possible. Do you want to know when the next bug will be wafting through town? Is your partner depressed but not aware what’s wrong? Your twitter feed, mobile location traces, search queries, subway travel patterns and even buying behavior may hold the answer.

The common denominator: These non-traditional passive data offer tremendous scale that simply doesn't exist with any other physiological health sensor. They give us clues about our personal and collective health behavior, and help health care professionals and health organizations better serve the public.

It is important to note, that while some are excited by these prospects, others cry “big brother”. So we’ll discuss privacy implications too.



Anmol Madan Co-Founder/CEO

Anmol has extensive research experience in modeling large­‐scale human behavior data using statistical and pattern recognition methods, and leads the overall product vision at His past research has been featured in academic publications in computer science, and popular media and press. He received his PhD from the Media Lab, at MIT (with Prof. Alex Pentland).

David Hale Pillbox Project Mgr National Library of Medicine

I'm a public servent who thinks he's an entrepreneur. My "startup" is Pillbox, an open government initiative, hacking public health data and turning government into a platform for health innovation. The White House called it "a fantastic and game-changing idea."

If you want to get technical, I'm the project manager for Pillbox, a U.S. National Library of Medicine patient-safety initiative. Partnering with the FDA, Pillbox is restructuring and opening drug labeling data and adding high-resolution medication images to create a platform for innovation, empowering communities to develop applications and resources that solve challenges related to drug identification and reference.

I'm also the co-chair of the National Library of Medicine’s Mobile Guidance and Social Media Engagement committees.

Known as a technology entrepreneur in government, I'm a frequent speaker on the subjects of open government, health data innovation, and social media use by public health agencies. I've lectured at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, and Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory. My work has been profiled on PBS NewsHour, CNN Health, as well as numerous government and technology magazines and blogs.

Deven McGraw Dir, Health Privacy Project Center for Democracy and Technology

Emily Hackel Sr Mgr Business Dev Edelman

senior manager of business development at Edelman; responsible for driving opportunity at the intersection of health and technology, and marketing and operations for our global intellectual property thought leadership - including the Trust Barometer, Health Barometer, goodpurpose, and more.

Mark Dredze Professor Johns Hopkins University

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