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Job Hopping: Turn a High Number to Your Advantage

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Do you share your number?

You know the classic assumption: they all want to be the first. They might understand if one or two didn't work out, but they're scared if you've had a lot of those. But some people know the secret-–that a variety of experiences makes you a better…


No, we're not talking about the closely-guarded number of your past lovers; but how many jobs you’ve had.

The brutal reality is that if you’ve spent any time in the tech industry, it’s likely you’ve hopped around companies in your local tech corridor. Had multiple titles. Multiple bosses. And, the old theory says, this doesn't look good on your resume.

Unless, that is, you learn to carry it well.

Shifting priorities and re-org roulette may have left you with an embarrassingly high number, but is your reputation really shot? Armed with a little knowledge, you can beat the stereotype. And it might even keep you off the unemployment line.


Erin Bush Social Media Editor Neustar

Erin Bush is an online content and social strategist for Neustar, a Northern Virginia-based data and analytics company. She started her career during the first Internet bubble in 1999, where she worked as a web writer and wired her own cube.

She has been a writer, editor, programming director, principal product manager, director of marketing & social media, and a managing editor. She has worked on a variety of big and small brands including: Sallie Mae, Wiredscholar,, DigitalCity, AIM, AOL Expressions, AOL Community and The Chronicle of the Horse.

She is also a PhD student at George Mason University studying American history and the digital humanities.

Gi-Gi Downs VP, Planning TBA Global

Account planner, digital strategist, online community alum, brand thinker and Internet tinkerer.

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