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How Digital Softened Brazil's Iron Lady

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In 2010 Brazil elected their first female president, Dilma Rousseff. Not only was she the first female to be elected, she was also unique in being the first candidate in Brazil to connect with millions of voters online to solidify public opinion. While many emerging markets, South America in particular, love social media, their electorate had never participated in elections through an online medium. The session will explore the future of digital in Brazil (and emerging markets) that have thus far embraced the evolution of new media, mostly by embracing it via traditional media channels. We will look at how, by leveraging diverse social media channels, Dilma’s team was able to introduce and humanize her in a way never before seen by the Brazilian people.



Andrew Paryzer Dir of Accounts Blue State Digital

Director of Accounts, Blue State Digital

Based in New York, Andrew is the director of BSD’s account management team, providing strategic leadership across dozens of clients. Andrew has also been the program lead for some of BSD’s most innovative campaigns such as the launch of Packers Everywhere for the Green Bay Packers and Dilma Rousseff’s successful campaign for President of Brazil.

Andrew started his career by working on political campaigns ranging from state legislatures races to the 2004 Presidential. It is on the campaign trail that Andrew first learned to attract, identify, and mobilize supporters behind a cause. Immediately prior to BSD, Andrew was Vice President of business development at Basex, an information technology research and consulting firm. Andrew grew up in New York City and earned his B.A. in European History from Pomona College.

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