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Personal Identity Management: Why It Matters

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The marketing ecosystem as it stands is unsustainable. Consumers don’t trust marketers to respect their privacy, and unfortunately, marketers have done a poor job explaining how data is collected, managed and applied to improve the customer experience.

Meanwhile, as consumers leave behind an exponentially growing digital footprint, they’re also becoming increasingly aware that marketers use and sell this data for financial gain. As a result, a nascent industry is developing around consumers’ desire for transparency, portability, privacy and tangible benefits.

In this session, we’ll share results of research aimed at understanding consumers’ motivators, concerns, and awareness of this ecosystem. We’ll make sense of terms like “VRM,” “data locker,” “personal cloud” and “trust framework,” and provide an overview of the Identity Ecosystem, including the operating models, the frontrunners in each, and how interactive marketers can get ahead of the curve.


Fatemeh Khatibloo Sr Analyst Forrester Research

I'm an analyst at Forrester Research where I write research about customer intelligence, personal data, privacy and identity. I defined a concept called Personal Identity Management to describe the systems and processes we'll be using a decade from now to manage and share our personal data across the digital landscape.

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