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The Plugged-In Manager

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These are times of rapid change. Innovative technologies—from the latest social media platforms to high-tech automated warehouses—reinvent the way we do work every day. Globalization and new nonlinear career paths continually transform our workforce. You know you must adapt, but simple awareness of these sweeping changes is not enough. How can you go beyond merely understanding this new world to creating unique new opportunities?The answer lies in being "plugged in"—not just to new technology, but also to processes and people, and, most crucially, to the way these elements fit together. The Plugged-in Manager presents and easy-to-understand and share framework, explained through three core practices:Stop-Look-Listen: What do you already know and have access to that will help you with this project?Mixing: How do you create a recipe that works for your situation?Sharing: How can you do more by getting others to join in this approach?



Terri Griffith Professor Santa Clara University

Terri Griffith is a Professor of Management at Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business. From her location in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Terri helps people innovate around organizational design and technology management.

Terri is the author of The Plugged-In Manager, published by Jossey-Bass this October. Based on over 25 years of experience and research, dozens of interviews and case studies, she shows that you can't manage through people, technology, or organizational process alone. To succeed, especially in today's dynamic environment, you need to mix these three dimensions together. No silver bullet approach will work. The Plugged-In Manager presents how people from companies as diverse as Zappos, Socialtext, and Nucor Steel have been able to create effective mixes, and how you can do the same.

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