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The Creative Collaboration Conundrum

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We’ve all been shown nirvana-like visions of a collaborative future where we join hands in beautiful creative harmony: the art director will join with designer, with the content strategist, with the planner, with the technologist. The list goes on.The reality of collaboration, however, often falls short, leading at times to the polar opposite extremes of territorialism and outright hostility.We’ll be sharing concrete examples of outstanding collaboration in the digital creative space and asking others to share their experiences. We'll be encouraging people to share moments of collaborative triumph and also of spectacular failure, all in the spirit of unearthing some of the foundations for successful collaboration in the all-play sandbox of interactive creativity.


Matt Baker Group Planning Dir RAPP

A legal alien (expat Brit) who's convinced we're guilty of getting in our own way when collaborating across creative disciplines and wants to have a discussion about how we can do it better.

Wayne Pick Exec Creative Dir RAPP

Executive Creative Director of RAPP New York (in collaboration with my wife, and Co-Exec CD).

Because collaboration works well when the collaborators can also work well on their own.

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