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Detached Messages: Immersive and Spatial Systems

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Messages tend to exist attached to a surface. Billboards are pasted to sides of buildings, emails come to us on a computer screen, and words in a book are attached to bound pages. What if our information came to us floating freely in the open air? This SXSW panel will be a discussion on messages that are not attached, physical messages suspended in space and filling our surroundings. We already have skywriting, fireworks and laser light, but what’s next? Adam and Albert will share their ideas of the fast-approaching development of floating media by showcasing projects that are pushing this trend forward thanks to advancements in light, sensor and pervasive technologies. New immersive and spatial media systems could create wonderful interactive experiences... but if designers, developers and architects don’t plan properly, media may just smack us in the face!



Adam Pruden Urban Information Designer MIT

My greatest passion is floating media. From fireworks to flying LEDs, I've been exploring the vast and unique possibilities of airborne communication.

As a Research Associate for MIT’s Senseable City Lab, I oversee Flyfire – a project that aims to transform any ordinary space into a highly immersive and interactive display environment. Currently, my focus is on human interaction with floating pixels, integrating the body into new media systems with pervasive scanning and sensor technology.

I've shared my research and projects at AIGA, TED, Forum on Future Cities and Oslo Lux.

Albert Hwang 3D Information Artist & Designer Phedhex

I'm a 3d information artist and designer. As half of the development team for Lumarca, an installation piece that displays volumetric 3d content, I've been traveling around the world building and exhibiting this work. Some places this project has recently been exhibited include Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in New York, Siggraph Asia, the Last HOPE, and Next no 6.

I also develop "Spatial Computing," a project proposing a new HCI design paradigm for a hypothetical AR-saturated future. This project is a series of videos, two of which have been completed. The third, partly funded through Kickstarter, is currently under development.

As a dancer and performer, I've created a number of original staged works that explore how cyberspace fits on stage on and around the body, mostly through the use of innovative projection techniques.

Lastly, I'm assisting Diego Maranan in his thesis on the relationship between liquid dancing and the future of HCI.

I'm an active dancer, and my main styles are Liquid and Digits. So if you want to learn some dance moves, come find me and I'd be eager to show you a thing or two : )

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