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AXD: Experience Design in Agile Teams

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With the Agile Manifesto reaching its 10th birthday last year this one-time fringe software development methodology has become very much mainstream. Requiring feedback early and often, Agile’s main goal is to get software into the users hands fast. Relying on these feedback loops to guide development and shape the product to come. While Agile is user centric does it actually support the fundamentals of Experience Design? Is there enough time to research and properly explore design concepts? Is the user being short-changed for business benefit? A hands-on interactive game highlights the challenges of Agile development and explores how Experience Design can be integrated for the benefit of all.


Cathie Hagen Sr Consultant ThoughtWorks

My 13 year IT career started in development and has gradually moved into cat herdering, or in other words, business analysis. After seeing many failed projects be declared a success because the right documentation is written, I have become a keen proponent of agile.

Marie-Claire Jenkins Lead Experience Designer ThoughtWorks

Experience designer and creative technologist with a doctorate in Computer Science, MCJ has a passion for innovation, user centered design and Agile practices. Also a Yoga teacher and student. Makes a good cup of tea.

Megan Cook Sr Consultant ThoughtWorks

I am a Senior Consultant with a passion for Agile approaches, software development, user experience, coaching, snowboarding, and gadgets. Though my background is in development with a degree in Software Engineering, my more recent work has been with business analysis, project management, agile coaching, and user experience.

Neville Roy Singham Founder & Chairman ThoughtWorks

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