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Knitting a Long Tail in Niche Publishing

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Larger publishers and distributors are often unwilling to take a chance on what they consider "niche." Yet consumers want specialization and more advanced content rather than lowest common denominator material. What's a creative professional to do? Using the example of knit publishing and its evolving presence in the e-book market, as well as best practices for designers and creatives relating to publishing, we'll explore ways to increase creators' revenue and buck the established publishing system.



Shannon Okey Publisher Cooperative Press

Shannon Okey is the founder of Cooperative Press, an independent publishing company devoted to exploring new ways to publish, promote and champion authors in a swiftly-changing industry. CP pays significantly higher royalty rates and offers much more control than other publishers do. We're also digital-friendly and constantly looking for new ways to do what we do better. Shannon herself is perhaps better known by her online moniker Knitgrrl, and is the author of more than a dozen major-publisher books, a former magazine editor and a frequent contributor to magazines and television.

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