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Online Personality Disorder: Resumes & Profiles

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An editor, researcher, and program manager walk into a bar. They are looking to help talented people who have personality and technical chops. As they down a Shiner, they look for a coherent story that tells who you are, what you’ve done, and where you can go. In this session we'll share our tips then jump into live reviews of resumes and a variety of online profiles. Beyond the action verbs and a Google search, these three will help you synchronize what you show on paper and online. They'll show how your online presence (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, can help an employer picture you in their organization. How can you show yourself to be unique? How do your other digital selves support your claims? Hear how these three, with years of hiring experience, approach evaluating job candidates. Bring us your resumes, your profiles and your questions.



Carla Borsoi VP, Consumer Insights AOL

city dwelling naiad. instigator of social interactions. detective of life and living. mentally stimulated. a joy to be around.

I am currently head of Consumer Insights & Analytics for the Consumer Applications Group at AOL. My efforts are focused on making AOL Mail, AIM, mobile products, and even more amazing than they already are.

Jennifer Jongsma Dir of Production Annual Reviews

STM publishing professional with a passion for finding innovative and dynamic solutions for scientific communication.

Kevin Lawver CEO Music Intelligence Solutions

I'm a nerd-turned-CEO. I've been a web developer for over a decade (and a CEO for about 15 minutes) and have built some big stuff, little stuff, and everything in-between. I love web standards and spent several years on the CSS working group and a little bit of time as an AC rep in the W3C. I also love Ruby on Rails, mashups, MongoDB and anything that helps me do my job better or faster.

Kristy Duncan Sr Program Mgr Microsoft

I've managed through the good, the bad and the ugly with editors, designers, developers,and marketers at companies big & small. Through it all, people and communications are the key. I'm also a voice actor, photographer and music junkie who's been attending SXSW since 1993.

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