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Mobile Games: The Secret Sauce Is Social

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As the popularity of mobile games continues to experience rapid growth, social elements are emerging as the significant ingredient to successful games - and for good reason. They are the future of mobile gaming.With the proliferation of smartphones in America, it is the right time to usher in a next generation of mobile gaming that is social at its core. Eiji Araki, SVP of Product at GREE International, Japan's leading mobile social gaming platform with 5 years experience in making successful social games, will discuss user behavior and key game mechanisms that make games popular. Eiji will focus on the 3 essential parts of a game: user acquisition, engagement, and monetization in the context of both game design and social design. He will discuss the role of long and short term game cycles, the necessity for a social graph, the importance of fostering cooperation, competition, and communication, and platform requirements.



Eiji Araki SVP, Social Games GREE International

Eiji Araki joined GREE in August 2005 during its start-up stage. Eiji led the development of PC based social networking services, mobile social networking services, several social game titles and Smartphone services as VP of Product. Eiji developed "Clinoppe" and "Haconiwa" which are the most successful mobile social games in Japan, played by over 10 million users. Currently he is SVP of Product, overseeing all product-related activities within GREE International – GREE’s first subsidiary located in San Francisco, CA

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