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The Present of Print: Paper's Persistence

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It's common to call the printing press revolutionary. But the printing press did not eliminate handwriting. To this day, we have Moleskine notebooks, Post-It Notes, hipster PDAs. Similarly, the digital revolution will not kill print. We still buy books online and mark them up with pencils and highlighters. Pens are still more ubiquitous than digital mobile apps. People pay for photographic prints to hang on their fridges and walls. Bookstores do not merely exist; they legitimate neighborhoods. Every coffee shop has a bulletin board full of printed posters. Instead of predicting "The Future of Print in the Digital Age," this panel celebrates the present of print, and focuses on emerging print-digital hybrids. The panel consists of a printer, a couple of scholars, a poster distributor, and a print photographer who started a photo booth. Together we will explore projects that capitalize on the permeability of the boundaries separating manual, print, and digital realms.



Frazier Fritz Blaw Owner motorblade

The affable Fritz Blaw is the man behind Motorblade, speedily hanging culture in the form of arts and entertainment posters/flyers,handbills and brochures along a legal route all across Austin since 1989.To watch a 10 minute documentary by Mr Burdette about his biz go to

Nathan Kreuter Asst Professor, English Western Carolina University

Nate Kreuter is an assistant professor of English at Western Carolina University.

Travis Hartman Photo Editor Photographer Entrepreneur Please Shoot Yourself

William Burdette Asst Dir/Digital Writing/Research Lab The University of Texas

Will Burdette is a bit of a digital dilettante., but his scholarship focuses on the intersections of audio recording technologies and writing practices.

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