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Network Effect: Building a Business Around Sharing

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Drew Houston, CEO and Co-Founder of Dropbox, has led Dropbox's growth from a simple idea to a service millions around the world rely on – a modern day Network Effect. From the classic example of the telephone to today’s social networks, every so often a new medium grows from obscurity to ubiquity because the more people that use it, the more enticing it becomes. That nearly 60% of adults online own at least two Internet connected devices not only increases the capacity of sharing but creates a need for it. In this session, Drew will sit down with a well-known tech influencer to discuss how to take a need in the market and turn it into a service so fundamental to people’s everyday lives, that it encourages them to recommend and share it with everyone.



Drew Houston Co-Founder & CEO Dropbox

Drew Houston is the co-founder and CEO of Dropbox. Dropbox helps more than 50 million people around the world access and share their most important files from anywhere. Drew graduated from MIT with a degree in computer science and in 2011 was included in Fortune’s “40 Under 40” and Inc. magazine's “30 Under 30.”

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