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Securing Your Data in a Target-Rich Environment

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Each year, thousands of technophiles descend upon Austin, bringing Internet-connected laptops, phones and tablets with them, and most of them think very little about keeping their personal communications secure. Open wireless networks in the convention center – and in hotels, bars and coffee shops – offer a convenient way to keep in touch with home, but also leave any data that is transmitted over those networks open to snooping by malicious individuals. In this session, host of Revision3 podcast Hak.5 and regular contributor on the TWiT network, Darren Kitchen, will walk attendees through live demonstrations of many ways in which their personal data are vulnerable while connected to the Internet at SXSW, and the steps they can take to keep that data private and safe. The tips and information from this session will benefit those who attend not only while they are at SXSW, but any time they sit down at their own local coffee shop and open up their laptop to fire off some email.



Darren Kitchen Producer & Host Hak5

Darren Kitchen is a self taught hacker in the old-school sense. Moving about “scenes” with a trusty 1200 baud modem, the kid cyberpunk found passion in journalism and videography. From phreak e-zines and short films in the 90’s to Systems Administration today, Darren now Hosts and Produces the show Hak5.

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