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The Psychology and Interfaces of Social Design

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"Social" isn't something new on the web, but its design and implementation are. Great products and services depend on their users having great experiences. As the Internet continues to mimic the interactions we have in the real world, so too must the social interfaces and product design. This session will take a look at the social interfaces of the past and present and help you to understand how the simple psychological principles of social design can lead to great products.



Eric Fisher Social Design Strategist

Eric is a storyteller turned product architect with a passion for communicating ideas and a love of building projects that connect people in meaningful ways.

Incidentally also the first cousin of the actor Jesse Eisenberg, Eric was most recently the Social Design Evangelist at Facebook, where he designed many features of the site and, most notably, authored and promoted the Facebook Social Design Guidelines to developers around the world.

Previously, he worked at Apple, helping to write the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and evangelize iPhone app design. He also worked at Google, where he helped integrate structured data into search. In addition, he has consulted on projects with, Airbnb, Eventbrite and several other smaller companies in the bay area, while also building his own social web projects like, a fun community dedicated to wordplay.

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