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My Robotic Kitchen Planned This Dinner Party

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Dinner parties are the ultimate social experience that no digital technology will ever replicate. You sit face-to-face with others, sharing an experience that uses all five of your senses. It's the original social network.

For many though, hosting your own dinner party -- or even cooking dinner for yourself -- feels like too much work. There’s too much planning, too many options, too many picky eaters.

In this session, we’ll demonstrate some emerging technologies that make cooking easy and more accessible for both novice and expert home cooks. Things like smart recipes that adjust to your guests’ preferences, multiple recipes that combine themselves into one step-by-step process, dinner party planning tools connected to social networks, cooking classes done via chat rooms, appliances that can’t overcook food, kitchen scales that measure ingredients for you and a few tips and techniques to let you do more in the kitchen.



Mike Lee Founder/CEO Studiofeast

Mike Lee is the founder of Studiofeast, a culinary collective that is working to redefine the experience of dining and cooking. Studiofeast produces regular events and products that use food as a catalyst for storytelling, community, inspiration, and education.

Mike is also the Director of Strategy with Bond Strategy & Influence, a marketing agency where he's worked extensively with clients such as American Express, Medco, and The Economist. In Mike's spare time, he enjoys running, pork products, and whiskey.

Will Turnage VP, Tech & Invention

Will is accountable for global technical product innovation and digital experimentation at R/GA.

With an emphasis on making and building, he works with global clients and R/GA's deep roster of in-house Technology talent to build great products and help bring together the often disparate groups of Marketing, Brand, IT and Product Development.

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