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Connected Cars, Connected Cities and Urban Driving

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As population density in major urban areas changes, cities across the globe are inputting measures aimed at reducing urban congestion. At the same time, in response to environmental concerns, government regulations, and rising gas prices, automakers are developing and manufacturing electric vehicles at a faster pace. These EVs are becoming increasingly connected, passing and receiving information from the cloud, primarily to manage their charge but increasingly to optimize the driving experience. How will population density, digitally connected cities, lowered investment in public transportation, and connected cars change the needs and behaviors of urban drivers? How should digital technologies (including NFC, LBS, social networks) be leveraged to meet their needs both inside and outside the vehicle? Amy and Neal, members of Razorfish’s automotive practice, will lead an exploration of the digital tools that will support the future of urban mobility.


Amy Todenhagen Assoc Experience Dir Razorfish

Amy Todenhagen is an Associate Experience Director at Razorfish were she creates and implements digital strategies and user experiences for clients across industries, including retail, media and automotive. She received a Masters in Information Management and Systems from UC Berkeley, focusing on human-computer interaction. Amy moved from San Francisco to New York to avoid Bay Area traffic.

Neal Gorevic Sr Strategy Mgr Razorfish

Neal is a Sr. Strategy Manager at Razorfish, focused on defining business and consumer insights that help companies create digital brand experiences. He is part of Razorfish's Automotive Practice and has worked with clients like Ford Motor Company and Mercedes-Benz. As a native New Yorker, Neal is interested in understanding how digital can change urban travel and improve city living.

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