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Modern Weaponry: Using Digital Media to End a War

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Crimes against humanity no longer occur in total isolation; digital platforms are a stage on which global citizens can watch and respond to world events. This panel is comprised of experts in the digital field and pioneers of modern humanitarian endeavors. Participants will discuss the capacity of digital media to catalyze adequate response to international crises. Invisible Children (IC), an NGO devoted to exposing the perpetrators of Africa’s longest-running conflict, the LRA, through documentary film, will host. Since its founding, the company has established itself as an outlier in the humanitarian sector for its innovative and unconventional model. Through cutting-edge media, it has ignited youth activism in an international, grassroots movement, substantially intervening in the conflict and improving lives in the region. In September 2011, IC and Digitaria launched the LRA Crisis Tracker, which collects data and maps LRA attacks in one of the world’s most remote regions.


Chris Carver Invisible Children

Daniel Khabie CEO Digitaria

Matt James Multimedia Art Dir Digitaria

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