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Culture Networks and the Codes That Drive Them

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Culture networks historically have spun narrative for how we live. Think about it. After WWII, an emerging American middle class decided to expand its options for commerce and camaraderie, so they built highways and a networked culture of early suburbanites was born.

But when we talk about networks today, we see only the technology system that supports the network, not the human structure. It’s the structure and process behind the human connections that’s critical.

The structure empowered by technology allows likeminds to connect, thrive and make global impact -- no matter how micro. Not too long ago, rave culture leveraged digital networks and pioneered podcast. And, more recently, the Tea Party leveraged digital networks to make its stand. Without technology, we might have dismissed the movement as laggard.

To understand where we go next means we need to evolve our perspective on how we look at the systems and unlock the human codes that drive them. If we do not, culture will leverage system decline before we know what’s happening, much like graffiti leveraged the decline of cities and skate culture leveraged the decline of suburbia.



Tim Stock Co-Founder/Partner scenarioDNA inc

Tim Stock is the managing director and co-founder of scenarioDNA, a NYC-based consumer insight shop known for its innovative culture mapping methodology. The idea behind his theory of culture mapping is to get beyond generalized consumers and see creative narrative opportunities that are rich, nuanced and evolving. It doesn't matter what trends are happening now - it matters what the structure of that is to show us where it is going and how to join in. Clients range from global packaged goods companies and retailers to projects transforming the use of mobile technology as a narrative and public comment tool in notable public spaces.

Tim studied cinema and semiotics at New York University where he received a Masters in Cinema Studies. He went on to lead insights at several advertising agencies in New York.

Tim is also a Part-Time Assistant Professor at Parsons the New School for Design where he teaches trend analysis, design research and innovation.

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