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Everyone Is Gay: Social Media As Social Action

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Everyone Is Gay (EIG) began as a humorous pseudo-advice blog, but has quickly become a safe haven for young people-particularly LGBTQ youth, their families, & friends. Through a combination of social networking sites (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Vimeo), the creators of EIG have successfully built a “big gay sandbox” where their audience can anonymously ask them everything from "Will people think I’m a gym teacher if I cut my hair?" to "What do I do if my religious parents disown me when they find out I’m trans?”The relatable advice gurus offer frequently funny & often poignant guidance, personal anecdotes, & professional resources, effectively establishing themselves as the cool big sisters of Tumblr who are there when you need a helping hand or a Beyoncé playlist.This panel will cover the effectiveness of EIG's multiplatform approach, discuss the ways in which the site utilizes anonymity & offer tips on how the Internet can be harnessed to create a positive social impact.



Dannielle Owens-Reid Co-founder Everyone Is Gay

Dannielle Owens-Reid graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree
in Theatre Performance, and then spent 3 years in Chicago studying improv and sketch comedy (that’s where the funny
comes from). During that time she was also teaching drama
to kids ages 8 - 18. Dannielle is the creator of Lesbians
Who Look Like Justin Bieber, was the runner-up to be the
first ever MTVTJ (twitter jockey) and ran social media for
Virgin Mobile on the Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour. She
believes herself to be a “stellar problem solver,” has the
ability to see both sides of the situation #libra, and gets
her dance moves from her dad.

Kristin Russo Co-founder Everyone Is Gay

Kristin Russo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater, but
gained most of her dramatic preparation for Everyone Is Gay
while lip-syncing to Wilson Phillips and TLC. After moving to
NYC in 2000 and running her own theater company for three
years, she began volunteering at The Hetrick-Martin Institute
(a service provider for LGBTQ youth and the home of the
Harvey Milk High School). Inspired by the students and
faculty at Hetrick-Martin, she returned to school and is
currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Gender Studies.
She has a cat named Trey, a penchant for crossword
puzzles, and a deep-seated appreciation for Italian Ice.

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