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What’s the Holy Grail of Social/Mobile/Local?

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Consumers are increasingly looking for dynamic, personalized content and services that will help them engage and exchange with others, and share common experiences while on the go. Such applications are the mobile holy grail of modern times and premium brands are rushing to deliver them, although with limited success. What does it take to deliver such services? What is the role of the content curator? And how can you serve consumers who sometimes just don’t know what they want? Melbourne-based Lonely Planet CEO Matt Goldberg and BBC Worldwide Digital Director Daniel Heaf of London will use the platform to address these questions, examine the technologies and consumer behaviour that are changing the way content providers think, influencing their investment decisions and share their experiences of working with this dilemma across BBC Worldwide’s portfolio of premium passion brands – among them Lonely Planet, Doctor Who and Top Gear.


Dan Heaf BBC Worldwide’s Digital Dir BBC Worldwide

Matt Goldberg CEO Lonely Planet

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