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How to Be Strategically Unlikeable Online

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For every brand turning on a new listening program or focusing on engaging their users online there is a lot of attention on the topic of social media strategy. Brands that don't have one are desperately chasing one - yet the problem is no longer a lack of strategy. That's so 2011. The problem now is that more and more brands are becoming strategically unlikeable. Being social isn't the same thing as being likeable. In some cases, they are actually opposite. In this panel, we will talk about the one principle that every successful person already knows, yet the one that has eluded so many brands ... why likeability is actually the golden trump card, and why brands are historically so bad at it. From examining the lessons from completely unlikeable leaders like Steve Jobs or Rupert Murdoch to sharing the theories of building likeable brands and the new culture of "likeonomics," Rohit Bhargava and Dave Kerpen, two bestselling authors will take audience members inside what it means to be unlikeable and offer real tips on how to avoid falling into that trap ... as a business and as a person.



Rohit Bhargava EVP Strategy Ogilvy

Rohit Bhargava is a marketing expert focused on how to bring more humanity back to business. He is a founding member of the world's largest team of social media strategists at Ogilvy and the best selling author of Personality Not Included, a guide to building a brand personality. His award winning Influential Marketing blog and other writings have been featured in media globally including Fast Company, Inc, The Guardian (UK), MarketingChina, and New York Times. He teaches marketing at Georgetown University and is a frequent "non-obvious" keynote speaker on business topics around the world. Rohit's second book called LIKEONOMICS will be published globally in May of 2012.

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