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Your Social Media Job Is Dead: Now What?

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The digital world is changing too fast to let the industry label its roles with yet another buzzword. Remember digital ninjas? Social media mavens? Twitterholics?

One moment, you are a self-proclaimed "guru" -- hey, it doesn’t make it less real -- and the next, you discover that you are not the only one.

Younger marketing & advertising professionals are entering the workforce in social media-specific roles and finding that they must expand outside of their niche or risk becoming obsolete. As social media becomes more commonplace within organizations, it is evolving into another platform that good digital strategists and planners can handle with ease. More importantly, it reveals a schizophrenic situation in the industry. We want our developers to code in different languages, but we pigeonhole our strategists – people who are, by definition, entrusted with “big picture” – into smaller and smaller areas of specialization.

And what about the people who started out as Social Media Coordinators and moved onto Community Managers and eventually Social Media Strategists? Where will they go from here? Or is there still room for specialization as strategists?

Join us as we duke it out in a battle over the future of digital engagement jobs from the POV of people who have had all sorts of social media job titles, abandoned those titles, never had those titles and still proudly wear them.



Ana Andjelic Digital Strategist Droga5

Angeline Vuong Sr Prod Strategist Huge Inc

Angeline Vuong creates -- mainly digital products, words and fuzzy feelings. She currently works as a Senior Strategist at HUGE for some of the world's largest digitally driven businesses. Prior to that, she spent time running social marketing efforts at MOLOTOV for A-list funny people and spearheading social strategy & community efforts for Citysearch + crowdSPRING. She's worked on projects for the United Nations Development Programme, PepsiCo, Dell, National Geographic, Toyota, SVEDKA Vodka, StumbleUpon, Cisco Consumer Products & more.

In her past life, she was a writer + photographer, with work appearing in The New York Times, USA Today, SPIN & Variety. Angeline is also a graduate of the Second City Training Center sketch comedy writing program.

You can follow her on Twitter at @angelineasaurus. Or just say, "Hi" if you see her.

Natalie Rodic Marsan Community Mgr VaynerMedia

Sonny Gill Social Media Mgr US Cellular

Sonny Gill is the Social Media Manager at U.S. Cellular where he helps manage social strategies and implements organization wide social business processes. When he's not immersed in the telecommunications world, he can be found amongst his peers on Twitter @sonnygill or on his blog

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