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Sex in the Digital Age

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As the Internet has become an increasingly integral part of our daily lives, it's transformed virtually everything about how we live--from how we communicate with friends and family, how we get our jobs done, and, yes, how we flirt, find lovers, and explore our sexuality. In many ways, this evolution has been a positive one, bringing us amazing new ways to connect with the rest of the world, but it's also had some unforeseen consequences. Just over a decade ago, when the country was reeling from the aftermath of the Lewinsky scandal, who could have imagined that one day a congressman would be forced to resign from his post after a scandal that involved no sex, no illicit meetings--in fact, nothing more than some online flirting and a few ill advised sexts?

Sex in the Digital Age examines how the Internet has transformed our relationship to sexuality: what it's given us, what it's taken away, and how it's transformed our ideas and expectations about how our friends, lovers, and public figures can--and should--behave.



Lena Chen Blogger/Writer

Lena Chen is a Boston-based writer, "sexpert", and the author of the blog She hosts "Sexy Times With Lena Chen" on, Alloy Digital’s award-winning alternative web portal for adolescent girls and previously produced "Sex Really with Lena Chen", a webcast for The National Campaign To Prevent Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy.

Lena has been featured in media outlets worldwide and regularly speaks on feminism, relationships, and healthy sexuality at colleges across the country. In 2010, she co-founded Feminist Coming Out Day and the online campaign, the Feminist Portrait Project (now a part of the Feminist Majority Foundation’s national campus programming). She graduated from Harvard College in 2010 with a degree in sociology. She is currently working on a novel based on her blog and planning a transcontinental move to Berlin.

Lux Alptraum Editor Fleshbot

Lux Alptraum is a writer, sex educator, and CEO of Fleshbot, the web’s foremost blog about sexuality and adult entertainment. Prior to working at Fleshbot, she worked as a sex educator at an adolescent pregnancy prevention program, an HIV pretest counselor, and founded ThatStrangeGirl, an alternative porn site, and Boinkology, a blog about sex and culture.

Maureen O'Connor Reporter Gawker Media

Maureen O'Connor is a reporter for Gawker. She often covers (and sometimes breaks) digital sex scandals.

Mike Dacks Legal Svcs Avid Life Media

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