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JavaScript Performance MythBusters™ (via JSPerf)

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JavaScript is everywhere from mobile phones and tablets to e-readers and TVs. With such a wide range of supported environments developers are often looking for an easy way to compare the performance between
snippets, browsers, and devices., a site for community driven JavaScript benchmarks, was created to help devs do just that.
Join Mathias Bynens and John-David Dalton from, Chris Joel from and Lindsey Simon from Google/Browserscope in this panel discussion on some of the best dev-created benchmarks and most interesting practices debunked by real-world tests.



Chris Joel Developer CloudFlare

John David Dalton JavaScript Developer Uxebu

I'm a JavaScript tinkerer, bug fixer & benchmark runner. I'm also a 2011 Microsoft MVP award recipient, maintainer, and contributor to several JavaScript projects.

Kyle Simpson Owner Getify Solutions

Lindsey Simon Developer Twist

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