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ASL: The Evolution and Future of Online Dating

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The 90’s introduced people to the wonders of dial-up internet, screen names, and the pursuit of digital romance. The only problem was, we never really knew who was on the other end of the screen. Today, there’s a higher level of transparency thanks to the explosion of social networks and dating sites. We voluntarily share our real names, photos, and personal information. But has our capacity for honesty changed online dating? Traditionally, dating sites have used algorithms that rely on user profiles and personal preferences to create matches, but what if the information submitted isn’t true? Sites such as are evolving their methods to provide more accurate results – like pairing algorithms with user behavior. We’ll hear from innovators in the digital dating world and get unique insights from people who’ve searched for love online. We’ll also see how technology is changing the dating game. Come find out the answer to the burning question: Has the internet made dating easier?


Shon Mogharabi Cultural Strategist RAPP

Shon Mogharabi is a Dallas native currently working in Manhattan as a cultural strategist at New York based advertising agency, RAPP.

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