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Scaling to Infinity: Dealing with Rocket Growth

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It's every engineers dream to work on a company that becomes one of the top 10 largest sites online. This group of panelists have done just that. From Twitter to Facebook to Yahoo! - these engineers, tech operations, and cloud computing specialists have seen it all and will discuss what it's like to scale the largest infrastructures imaginable. This session will discuss what it takes for a team of engineers to scale to an Internet Giant, how it's done, and what the best practices are for making it happen.



Andrew Terng Systems Engineer Tumblr

Girish Patangay Mgr, Engineering Facebook

Girish works on scaling software deployment and source code management systems at facebook. Before facebook, Girish worked at Yahoo! helping the Operations team scale automated server installs and inventory management.

Jeremy LaTrasse CTO Message Bus

I've worked on 12 software and web startups in 18 years

Serendipity landed me on Odeo and then twitter, taking me on a 4 1/2 year ride.

I like to measure and iterate for performance and durability whatever I'm working on.

Jeremy Edberg Reliability Architect Netflix

Lee Holloway Lead Engineer CloudFlare

Lee is the lead software engineer at CloudFlare, and has his hands in everything we do. Before co-founding CloudFlare, Lee built other amazing high-availability, high-volume database platforms including Project Honey Pot. In his spare free time, Lee is learning Russian and teaching his son Linux.

Lee holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Santa Cruz. He is a software architect specializing in high-availability, high-volume databases including, Michigan’s Children’s Protection Registry and He is also the co-founder of Project Honey Pot.

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