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Juice Without Wires: The Future of Wireless Power

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Wireless Power is not a new technology. Like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it radically changes the way people are able to live their lives, offering new levels of mobility, convenience, and safety. Just think of all the power adapters and devices that rely on power to make them run, plus the waste and inconvenience associated with them. Imagine if you could remove that last constraint – the power cord. Wireless power allows you to live a truly wireless life, while creating opportunities to improve the role of power in the global environment, and make the world a greener place.

There’s now a worldwide standard for low-powered devices so that consumers have a single, globally accepted solution for powering different devices with different power needs across a wide range of brands.

This session, presented by the Wireless Power Consortium and Fulton Innovation, will be an in-depth discussion on the future of wireless power, with live demos of the technology in action.



Dave Baarman Dir of Advanced Technologies Fulton Innovation

David Baarman is the Director of Advanced Technologies at Fulton Innovation and the lead inventor of eCoupled™ intelligent wireless power technology that replaces power cords in household appliances, phones, and even electric vehicles by delivery of the same electricity but without cords or wires. Mr. Baarman is responsible for the technical supervision and development of eCoupled technology and other Fulton Innovation technologies.

Mr. Baarman joined Amway in 1997, where he first pioneered the use of intelligent inductive coupling in the eSpring™ Water Purifier. With over 20 years of leadership experience in the development of consumer and industrial products, Mr. Baarman took the technology behind eSpring and developed it to power everyday technologies, including consumer electronics, with a diverse range of power needs. Mr. Baarman has more than 700 U.S. and foreign patents that are granted or pending.

Menno Treffers Chairman Wireless Power Consortium

Menno Treffers is a specialist in facilitating collaboration between competitors. He participated in the creation of industry standards such as Recordable DVD and Bluray Disc. Menno Treffers is the chairman of the Wireless Power Consortium and the secretary general of Zhaga. Zhaga is an initiative of the lighting industry to promote the interchangeability of high-performance LED light sources.

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