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Facebook Credits: Not Just for Virtual Goods

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Facebook Credits, the social network's virtual currency, at first was only used as a payment method for virtual goods in social games. However, with Facebook now that all Facebook Games exclusively use Credits for payments, more users are maintaining a balance of Credits, and more users want them. This has opened new business and marketing opportunities. Content owners can license streaming access or downloads of their content in exchange for Facebook Credits. Meanwhile, ecommerce companies can reward users with Credits for marking purchases or signing up for email lists. Representatives of companies pioneering the use of Facebook Credits outside of social games will discuss the current state of Facebook Credits and their typical uses, explain how virtual currencies are already disrupting several industries, and debate which types of transactions are the next to be changed by the emergence of a virtual currency that is in demand and cheap to distribute.



Brittany Darwell Lead Writer, Inside Facebook Inside Network

Dean Alms VP of Mktg Milyoni

Suchit Dash Co-Founder & VP of Prod Ifeelgoods

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