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Social Commerce: Not Yet Taking Off Like Farmville

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Connecting the power of social media with commerce should be a no brainer -- the next chapter in eCommerce. Indeed, Facebook has shown that people are 4x more likely to buy something when it's recommended by a friend and 10x more likely to buy a deal after a friend buys it. But despite all this intuitive rightness, it doesn't appear to be taking off like Zynga games.This panel will explore the boundaries of social commerce -- it's a popular meme but what is it really? How are the big ecommerce players looking at this big opportunity? And what big things are already happening in this next chapter of online commerce?Local and Social also go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly. This panel will also explore the local aspects of social commerce, which touches mobile, geo-location, check-ins, deals and good old fashion local businesses.



Craig Donato Founder & CEO, Oodle Oodle

Greg Sterling Sr Analyst & Editor Sterling Market Intelligence, Opus Research, SearchEngineLand

Peter Farrell Dir, Brand Dev & Strategy QVC

Tara Hunt CEO & Co-Founder Buyosphere

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