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Let's Talk Video for Social Change

#sxsw #VidChange

With great images, powerful music and rich, authentic stories, videos can influence real change in our world. The question that businesses and organizations have to ask is, "Which stories resonate with our audience," and, "How do you produce these stories with ever-decreasing budgets and impossible deadlines?" Mark Horvath started 3 years ago with $45, a laptop, a small camera and an iPhone. Today, is an internationally-recognized movement that's helping save lives. Matt Warren has produced & directed more than 250 hours of award-winning content for TV, web & events. For more than 8 years, Matt has helped, DIRECTV, Public Storage and Universal Studios Hollywood tell their story. This session is an open forum in which we share our experiences, strengths, failures, and victories. It’s the perfect place to make new friends, develop strategies, and get answers to help tame this rapidly changing form of communication.


Mark Horvath Chief Evangelistic Officer, Do-Gooder & Loud Mouth

Just a hardly normal guy trying to navigate through an abnormal world by helping others. Founder

Matt Warren Co-founder, Producer, Dir Radar

I produce & direct for TV/web/events.

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