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The Complexity Curve: How to Design for Simplicity

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Interfaces and devices are providing more and more power and functionality to people, and in many cases this additional power is accompanied by increasing complexity. Although people have more experience and are more sophisticated, it still takes time to learn new interfaces, information, and interactions. Although we are able to learn and use these often difficult interfaces, we increasingly seek and appreciate simplicity.

The Complexity Curve describes how a project moves from boundless opportunity and wonderful ideas to requirements checklists and constraints then finally (but only rarely) to simplicity and elegance. Where many projects call themselves complete when the necessary features have been included, few push forward and strive to deliver the pleasing and delightful experiences that arise from simplicity, focus, and purpose.

In this session, David M. Hogue, Ph.D. - VP of Experience Design, applied psychologist, and adjunct faculty member at San Francisco State University - will introduce the Complexity Curve, discuss why our innovative ideas seem to fade over the course of a project, explain why "feature complete" is not the same as "optimal experience", and offer some methods for driving projects toward simplicity and elegance.



David Hogue VP of Experience Design Fluid Inc

David M. Hogue, Ph.D. is Vice President of Experience Design at Fluid in San Francisco. He has 14 years experience studying and designing interfaces and combines his skills as both a UX designer and applied psychologist to bring deeper insight into visitor and customer behavior and motivation. Dave teaches information design, interaction design, and designing for social media and mobile courses at SFSU and has a special interest in design process, methodology, and strategy. Clients include Design Within Reach, The North Face, Reebok, Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Sears, Sur La Table, and Benefit Cosmetics.

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