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How to Harvest Consumer Intent from the Social Web

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The social web lets us send out a constant stream of Facebook likes, Twitter tweets, Foursquare check-ins, social commerce reviews, and other recommendations about things we’ve experienced and want to share with our friends. These products, services, businesses, places, movies, music, articles, etc. are expressions of customer and influencer engagement and loyalty that brands have successfully started to leverage to grow their businesses.

But what about the other side of the stream: the trusted referrals and recommendations we receive from our friends, as well as the things we discover on our own, and want to buy, read, visit, or listen to later? In other words: our intent to do something. There is a tremendous and largely untapped opportunity for brands to identify consumers who have overtly expressed interest and to 'harvest their intent' by helping them to bridge the gap between discovery and action with useful, timely and relevant information and offers.



AJ Vaynerchuck Co Founder Vayner Media

AJ Vaynerchuk is a co-founder of VaynerMedia, a social media agency that focuses on content + community management and emerging technologies. AJ runs day to day operations at VaynerMedia while also serving as the key contact for many VaynerMedia clients. Most importantly, he is a diehard New York Jets fan.

Edward Boches CIO Mullen

I’m Edward Boches, Chief Innovation Officer (formerly Chief Creative Officer and Chief Social Media Officer) at Mullen. I am also Chief Marketing Officer at Springpad, the app that lets you discover, save, share and act on the content, products and ideas that you love.

I’m also a blogger, dad, husband, road cyclist and a lecturer at Boston University.

Farrah Bostic Creative Strategist, Founder The Difference Engine

Farrah Bostic is a Brooklyn-based, Oregon-bred digital strategist with expertise in lean/ agile approaches to strategy and design, digital/social trends and mobile utility. She is an advocate for applying Lean manufacturing and Agile development principles to brand strategy and creative development, and has immersed herself in design thinking tools and approaches to developing interactive experiences.

The founder of The Difference Engine, a responsive strategy and design consultancy, Farrah works with design agencies, start-ups and established brands to develop customer engagement and acquisition strategies, implement interactive product and service design, and to create systems for innovation and continuous improvement.

She's a reformed adman, having worked as a creative and a strategist in agencies like Wieden + Kennedy, TBWAChiatDay, Mad Dogs & Englishmen, and Digitas, and as a brand strategist and innovation lead for communications & brand consultancies like Ipsos/OTX and Hall & Partners.

Jeff Janer Co-Founder Springpad

Jeff spearheads marketing, public relations and business development at Springpad. Jeff was most recently CMO of Third Screen Media (acquired by AOL), and has held a variety of senior executive roles at numerous companies, including VP of Marketing & Business Development at Britemoon, Founding Partner of Traverse Partners, EVP at Fidelity eBusiness, EVP of Sales and Marketing at iXL and President & CEO of Larry Miller Productions. Jeff holds a BA in International Relations from Brown University.

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