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Taking Your Brand Back from Your Customers

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Consumers today expect more and more from your brand. While some would argue, consumer's now "own" your brand, we counter with the notion that companies who’ve lost their brands to their consumers did so because they failed to remain relevant.

Traditionally, brand communications focused on "how" companies were going to tell the story of their brand. In today's market, the "how" is being replace by "what". The focus is on what is being said and through what medium. For brands to deliver on their unique value, and their promise, they need to create experiences, build programs, and offer entire solutions that demonstrate "what" brands are doing, rather than "how" they are saying it.

Digital media allows for new ways not only for brands to connect with consumers, but also to learn from them, innovate, and strengthen their promise. Digital media and interactive products offer brands a new set of tools, and experiences to compel and engage audiences. As brand and product experience collapse into one another, branding in the interactive space calls for new approaches to both. This panel discusses how best practices from advertising, user experience and interaction design can be applied meaningfully to branding in the interactive space.


Peter Wolfgang Engagement Dir HUGE

Peter Wolfgang (Engagement Director). As an Engagement Director, Peter takes overall responsibility for making sure strategy and design solutions HUGE provides solve a client's business, user, and brand requirements in a way implementable by the organization. Peter has contributed to numerous projects during his two years at HUGE but most recently has managed large-scale enterprise-wide engagements with Clear Channel Media, Warner Brothers, and Peter holds an MBA in Marketing and Statistics from Columbia Business School and a BA in Philosophy from NYU.

Virginia Alber-Glanstaetten 718 880 3730 Huge Inc

Virginia M. Alber-Glanstetten (Planning Director) drives planning and strategy for brand engagement at HUGE, steering clients toward a digital experience that goes beyond brand awareness. Virginia has spent over a decade in the digital world, and specializes in digital marketing strategies, emerging media, and target audience development. Prior to joining HUGE, she was VP/AD of Digital Strategy at Publicis Modem in San Francisco, working with clients such as LG and PayPal. Previously she has worked at Razorfish, Organic and Gartner, where she worked with clients including Unilever, Lipton, AIG, Microsoft, Pottery Barn, Sprint, Chevron, NBCUniversal, Intel, Chrysler and many others. Her emphasis on an audience insight-driven approach has created best-in-class digital experiences and strategies. Virginia received a B.A. from Smith College, and M.B.A. from Thunderbird, specializing in International Marketing.

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