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The Battlefield Art of Design Triage

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Many of us are racing to be first to market, or release something in time for a specific event. Running and gunning on the product design battlefield is a tremendous challenge because it takes time to design things that provide ~real value for people and fit into a brand’s ecosystem in a meaningful way. How can you create things that provide utility, joy, and value while you’re chasing a moving target on the battlefield of design? This talk will show you. Discover the essential art of design triage and explore techniques to provide solid user experience design (even when there’s no time), put mortally flawed projects out of their misery, and help deserving projects thrive. Design triage will help you shape things that serve people’s real needs and goals and give you tools to parachute into a fast moving situations so you can provide “nick of time” design that makes what your building truly helpful and delightful.



Angel Anderson Experience Dir Crispin Porter+Bogusky

This is my first time attending SXSW and I'm excited to present a talk about the Battlefield Art of Design Triage: Tips on how to provide solid UX design–even when there’s no time, deliver mercy killings, and help worthy projects thrive.

I like making new things and making existing things easier and more delightful to use. For the last 10+ years, I've been of humanizing digital products and services through goal-driven interaction design. My experience and skills have been utilized for the creation of enterprise software and online solutions for clients such as Old Navy, Microsoft, Best Buy, Fox, Pepsi, Disney, and Mattel.

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