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Applying Behavior Design

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More and more products and services are designed around motivating users and incentivizing change. Products and services in finance, health and the environment, among other areas, are increasingly designed around influencing behavior. There are useful academic models and patterns for applying persuasion techniques. Now it's time to understand how this is applied practically to our products and services. While understanding how powerful behavior design can influence people to be better, we will also discuss and illustrate how we design these products and services so that they serve the interest of customers, as well as meet business needs. As designers, the choices we make invariably influence users, and now we are harnessing what we know about designing around behavior to produce products and services that have a positive social impact on people's lives. It's time to move beyond just the concepts and theories and understand how to apply persuasive design responsibly.



Chris Risdon Lead Experience Designer Adaptive Path

Chris's journeyman path has helped shape
his belief that finding the right mix of
communication design enables people to have compelling and useful experiences with the products and services around them.

Before joining Adaptive Path, Chris was Senior User Experience Architect at user experience consultancy Macquarium, helping improve the online product experience for clients such as and InterContinental Hotels Group. Prior to that, Chris was Lead User Experience Designer for a start-up in video syndication defining the user experience for all their consumer facing products. He was also formerly Senior Information Architect at and has previously worked for or with companies such as Corbis, Microsoft, Nokia, General Motors and AT&T Wireless. He has also spent time with a number of start-up ventures, spanning information architecture, interaction design and visual and communication design.

Chris holds an MFA in design from the Savannah College of Art & Design, has taught design at NYU’s school for continuing education and is currently an adjunct professor at Austin Community College, teaching interface design. He has a passion for designing typefaces and gives presentations on type design to graduate level design students.

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