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Get Lit: Why Story Matters

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You built a product. It's amazing, brilliant, even earth-shattering. You know it, your team knows it, your mom knows it. So why doesn't anyone else seem to get it? The answer may be that you haven't told them the right story. As it turns out, good writing is hard to come by, and people who are good at making things aren't necessarily the best at telling their story. But don't worry: you can learn! In the world of fiction, we've been thinking about story--and how to make it powerful, visceral, and beautiful--for a long time. This panel will bring the practices and structure of fiction to help you transform your idea, product, or service from the mundane to the sublime.



Jill Meyers Editor American Short Fiction

Jill Meyers is the Editor of the award-winning national literary magazine American Short Fiction. She is one of the producers of the Austin Lit Crawl.

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