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Influence: It's in Your Genes

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More and more marketers are looking to tap into data to determine a value on a person. Tools like Klout, PeerIndex, and Kred are developing their businesses around your influence. We think there is a crucial data set they all are missing. We will take a look at how genotyping, and DNA sequencing can tell more about predisposition to influence. How will this data hold the key for the future of marketing, advertising, and lowering the cost of health care in the the near future?



Paul Saarinen Dir of Digital Strategy Yamamoto

Scott Fahrenkrug CEO & Chairman of the Board Recombinetics

An inventor and entrepreneur translating genome science for the transformation of public health. Founder and CEO of Recombinetics, Inc., a company focused on accelerating animal genetics using gene editing technology. More than 20 years of experience in Molecular and Cell Biology; Professor at the University of Minnesota, Department of Animal Science; Director of the U of MN Animal Biotechnology Center, and a member of the Center for Genome Engineering, the Stem Cell Institute, and the Cancer Center. Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Genetics from the University of Minnesota; Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Maryland Center for Marine Biotechnology; former Molecular Geneticist at the USDA Meat Animal Research Center.

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