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Augmented Reality = ARPA’s Original Vision of Web

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Using a variety of original source material, Chris Grayson will give an overview of the global network, as envisioned by thinkers at ARPA before the creation of the ARPAnet. Examples include J.C.R. Licklider's "Man-Computer Symbiosis," 1960; Douglas Engelbart's "Augmenting Human Intellect," 1962; and Ivan Sutherland's "The Ultimate Display," 1965. Some focus will also be given to the people and personalities involved. Heidi Hysell will provide the technical explanation for many milestones in the evolution of the Internet, making the case that the human interface to the network has historically been limited by the available technology, and with Augmented Reality, we are now entering an era that truly begins to deliver on the original vision.



Chris Grayson Dir of Digital

Chris Grayson is Director of Digital at

As an event organizer, he is curator, license holder and host of TEDxSiliconAlley in New York City, as well as Co-Organizer of ARE (Augmented Reality Event) in Santa Clara, California.

He is a veteran of the New York City advertising world and Manhattan's silicon alley community. His digital campaigns and websites have been recognized by Ad:Tech, The Web Awards, The Addy Awards and The OneShow.

Chris writes the blog, GigantiCo— an outlet for his musings on the intersection of Art, Technology and Marketing.

Heidi Hysell Technologist Nickelodeon

Heidi Hysell has focused most of her professional career in entertainment technology. She has been an integral part in the development of the digital presences of major brands including Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. She has helped launch three major brand initiatives including the online comedy network Super Deluxe, the parenting community ParentsConnect, and multi platform gaming communities for Def Jam. She has had a heavy hand in producing cutting edge technical solutions for many other clients such as CNN, TBS, TNT, Delta Airlines and the ACLU. She consults currently with innovative agencies such as FakeLove and AR startup GoldRun and is in the process of helping to launch the new Viacom initiative NickMom.

Her real passion comes from working with and implementing cutting edge of technology. She spends time consulting with clients through her company Future Future and is an active member of the Augmented Reality and Tranmedia scene in New York. She's an avid believer in open source education and current entertains herself with the open courseware from Stanford. She's always learning from those around her by pushing boundaries and buttons of those that she works with.

Heidi first gained her tech savvy ways and start in entertainment technology while attending the North Avenue Trade School, better know as Georgia Tech. She holds a degree in Computer Science.

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