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Brazilian Youth: Dreams, Activism, Hyperconnection

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The Brazilian Dream project is a qualitative and quantitative research - the first to promote a view that explores what the 18-24 year-old youth thinks about Brazil, and what they think they can do to impact the country development.
This session will present an overview of the main findings of the research.
It will cover how world and local drivers are affecting the way youngsters think, live and act for their country.
It will provide an understanding of how the perspective they have of the main social institutions is changing and why.
The study reveals who are the young innovators, changemakers, social activists that are already doing something that is meant to change Brazil - how they act, which projects they are involved with.
The output of this 18-month project is rich with insights, quantitative data and inspiration for anyone who wants to go beyond the economic-based visions that have been surrounding the idea of an "emerging country". It helps understand the behaviors that are behind the take-off Brazil's being going through.



Carla Albertuni Box1824

Carla Mayumi is a Director of Innovation at Box 1824, a research and innovation company based in Brazil.
Carla was a speaker at TEDx Amazon in 2010 where she spoke about how building emotional and social bridges is important in a country of differences such as Brazil. In 2011 she was at a panel about Brazil at the Tech Summit right after SXSW.
Among her most relevant projects is a research called "Brazilian Dream", a 2-year project, non-profit, that studied the relationship of Brazilian youth and the country, at a very special moment of optimism and economic boost. She was also the founder of a qualitative online research company in 2009.
Having a strong personal interest for everything that concerns behavioral changes provoked by the internet and digital life, she manages to balance a very digital life herself and her passion for something extremely handmade and "analogical" such as knitting. She is proud to say she is a knitting activist in São Paulo, Brazil.

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