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How Digital Maps Navigate the Human Condition

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Digital is recasting the landscape of maps, a metamorphosis that’s not yet complete. It has rewritten the rules by which maps behave and what they can do. This makes it not just an inflection point in the map category but in the history of human experience. We’ll share the latest development in map technology and show how a collection of digital and non digital inputs – including past history, social media and even mood - when added to basic geographic wayfaring expands the boundaries of human possibility. It’s navigation that enriches the human condition like never before. You may never see a map the same way again.



Guy Gould-Davies Dir of Mktg & Digital Strategy SapientNitro

Guy is a Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy at SapientNitro with dual expertise. His right brain talent is consumer psychology – understanding mechanisms of meaning and value that underlie what and why people buy. His left brain talent is in strategy, identifying and converting opportunities in brands, markets and technology to deliver advantage for his clients. He’s built a variety of top national and international brands throughout his 20 year career at a number of US firms consistently recognized for creativity and strategic excellence. He returns to SXSW following a 2011 presentation on The Crisis of Trust in A Social Age.

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