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Motivating Employees: Gamification at Work

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The research has shown that employees (and people in general) are motivated by autonomy, mastery, purpose, progress and recognition, yet most jobs are severely lacking on all counts. Games, on the other hand, provide all of the above, and through them get people leaning forward, engaged, and working individually and collectively toward their goals. In this session we’ll discuss how to leverage game mechanics in the workplace to motivate your employees around sales, recognition, business transformation, health & wellness, training, and overall job performance. We’ll also discuss how companies have successfully “flipped the bit” that turns work into play, and conversely, from play into work. Join us for this deep dive into enterprise gamification programs and come away with ideas that you can apply in your own workplace.



Molly Kittle VP Digital Strategy Bunchball

Molly Kittle joined Bunchball at the beginning of 2008 and has a proven track record of helping to create successful gamification programs, powered by Bunchball's industry leading products and solutions, for companies including NBC, Warner Bros., MySpace, Hasbro, UBM, Comcast, and ABC. In her role as VP Digital Strategy, she continues to provide consultation for how gamification can best be used within the context of client's holistic engagement strategy. From workshops to ongoing client feedback, Molly is personally invested in client success. Molly has a BFA in Experimental Theatre from NYU, and isn't afraid to use it.

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