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Data Is Sexier Than Sex... And I'll Prove It

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Big. Complicated. Often dirty. Sexy? Interactive data visualizations (charts and graphs) have helped make data consumable, accessible, and yes, sexy. It’s that sex appeal that has us clamoring to see our twitter, AdWords, conversion, and other data in a sleek, interactive, “I want the answers now” views. Data has snuck its way into our lives – from our offices, to our bedrooms. It’s everywhere. And as it continues to penetrate all areas of our lives it also continues to be delivered in a variety of different formats – some better than others. From the corny quick-stat charts in USA today to smart interactive graphs embedded in blogs, posted in online publications, and now frequently dominating the screens of our work computers. We’re starting to become obsessed, and more importantly, held accountable for much of the data consuming our lives. So, we admit it. Data is sexy. Especially when it’s easy to understand, interactive, and is in a format that easily facilitates smart business decision making. Luckily it doesn’t have to be as scary, or intimidating, or (potentially) as uncomfortable as that first time…



Giedre Aleknonyte Business Analyst Kabel Deutschland

Giedre Aleknonyte aspires to become a Data Rockstar! She is a Business Analyst on the Billing & Revenue Assurance team at Kabel Deutschland, Germany's largest cable operator. Giedre enjoys analyzing large datasets and spotting trends that can be translated into smart business decisions. She has studied and/or worked in four different countries across two continents and has experience analyzing data in telecommunications, banking, and life insurance industries.

Giedre holds a degree in Computer Science from Vilnius University, Lithuania. A dataviz enthusiast, she has spoken at Tableau Software's conferences in Europe and in the US, and tweets on visualization and related topics at @googlea.

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