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Integrate the Best of the East into Social Gaming

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Asia cultivates a very lively and active gaming community. Known for their strengths in MMO and RPG style games, they have made large strides in mobile gaming as well. As US companies look to the East to integrate best practices and find top developers, they must understand the differences in gaming models, user behaviors, and social hooks.

Charles Park, co-founder of Gaia Interactive, will break down how the social gaming market is growing and maturing, and how companies can develop the right combination of game dynamics to attract the universal 'social gamer.' Many developers are looking East to find that special flare – but each Asian market offers its own costs and benefits, which can be best learned firsthand. Gaia Interactive has partnered with top gaming producers around the globe to create mobile and social games. Learn tips and practices to fuse the best of the East and West with dual development at home and abroad – to create a new breed of social game for everyone.


Charles Park Creative Director Gaia Interactive

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