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Psychology of Narcissism & How It Affects Brands

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Society spends increasingly more time online, watching & reading about strangers. Is peep culture creating more narcissists or simply helping us connect through the sharing of our intimacies? Do users share content that they are passionate about & believe in or do they simply share content that influences how others perceive them? This panel will duke out diverse opinions on how brands use the internet famous to spread buzz about products & services, what this means for the future of marketing & how this effects everyone's behavior online. As time passes will positive sentiment towards an influencer inevitably change to negative? Is influencer marketing changing how we behave online & in our everyday? Is peep culture & narcissism shaping our world, playing a part in marketing & influencing our sharing & buying decisions? Come join our internet culture obsessed panel consisting of a psychologist, blogging pioneer, community manager & online lifestyle blogger/ self proclaimed narcissist.



Casie Stewart Lifestyle Blogger

Casie is a daily lifestyle blogger and brand ambassador. She has a passion for travel and has become one of Canada’s young digital tastemakers. You'll find her on Twitter 24/7 posting local hot spots on Instagram whether a recently opened restaurant or vintage boutique.

She's been writing her online journal 'CASIE STEWART: THIS IS MY LIFE' since 2006 and grown a brand that truly represents her passion for life. Her blog is a mix of fashion, entertainment & lifestyle, filled with positive photos and a motivational message.

Casie's done some fun projects over the last year which include... travelling North America as the Toronto Provocateur for Virgin America, walking red carpets at New Zealand Fashion Week, playing a hipster on the Comedy Network, hosting an 'After Hours Athlete' party for Puma, rocking workouts with Reebok and curating a 1920’s Speakeasy for Canadian Club & HBO‘s hit show Boardwalk Empire.

For more info send her an email, follow her on Twitter or visit her blog. We heard she likes to make friends :)

Jacob Small Clinical Psychologist Jacob Small PhD

Jacob Small is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Manhattan, affiliated with Dr. Otto Kernberg's Personality Studies Institute. PSI researches and disseminates Transference Focused Paychotherapy, a research-supported psychoanalytic treatment for personality disorders.

Lucia Mancuso Pres The Blog Studio

Lucia Mancuso is the President of The Blog Studio, and an early blogging pioneer. Lucia began extolling the virtues of blogging for brands and businesses in 2003, and “wrote the book” on how to get your message across online. She has been an early adopter of all things social media, creating strategies for how to use online tools in effective, creative and original ways. Brands, Fortune 500 Corporations and startups all seek her advice when they want to create online work that reaches far ahead of the curve and distinguishes itself by being one of a kind.

Lucia’s background in design and technology gives her a unique perspective that encompasses all aspects of the projects she works on. Being able to dig into all facets of online campaigns, from the code to the content, has resulted in fully formed campaigns that demonstrate success for the businesses involved and the respect of peers in her field. Lucia is a frequent speaker and sought after commentator on tech matters, and has expressed her strong opinions everywhere from Tech TV, NxNe, to WordCamp and Social Media week.

Michael Dolan Strategist Spooky English PR

I'm a Geeky PR strategist and online troublemaker for hire. Writer. I love designing social media and alternate reality games. Up for creating an online ruckus? Me too. Bike Racer. Cyclocrosser, BMX'er and reluctant roadie. Photographer. Atheist. Book Nerd. Resident of Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn patiently awaiting The Singularity.

My writing, photography, media work and creative projects have shown up in the NY Times, Time Magazine, The Guardian, Wired, Crain's, NY Post, Mashable, Gothamist, Time Out NY, PR Breakfast Club, Oprah, Travel and Leisure, Fox News, New York Magazine, NPR, Kinky Jews and many other fine media outlets worldwide. I like to document the oddities and bizarre moments of modern life life on Flickr, Twitter and Foursquare.

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