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Rise of the Indie Web

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10 years ago nearly everyone at SXSW Interactive was known by their own personal site or blog.What happened?Over time we shifted our creative energies to the emergent "social web", sharecropped our content like so many serfs across Flickr/Twitter/Facebook, and watched while our work was framed with ads (or placed inside them!), sold like so much cattle, or often shut down with permalinks and conversations lost forever: Geocities, Etherpad, Pownce, Vox and others. Never forget.We've had enough and we're taking it back. Our content, our data, our online identities. We're rebuilding the Indie Web, this time with conduits to social silos so we can control our creative destinies without abandoning our friends.Join SXSW veteran Tantek as he leads a discussion on a variety of different approaches and learn how you too can get started and join the new Indie Web.


Tantek Çelik

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