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The UX-Driven Startup: Lessons from the Trenches

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We've all heard the story of The Technical Guy and The Business Guy getting together and starting a company. But what happens when a company puts User Experience at the helm? Hint: It doesn't just mean your product will be prettier!

Being UX-Driven means more than hiring a “UX person”—we’re not even sure that’s a requirement. Learn what it does mean by spending time looking through the eyes of some UX-minded founders who’ve shaped some of the most interesting products of the “10s.” Learn from these companies’ experiments, mistakes, challenges and wins—from Foodspotting’s decision to only allow positive ratings to Gowalla’s decision to let their community build their place database from scratch—and how tools like observation, metaphors, mantras and metrics drove them.

Whether you’re managing an established product or have or an idea you’re trying to get off the ground, you’ll leave armed with practical tools you can put to use as you strive to make your own company more UX-Driven.



Cindy Alvarez Head of User Experience Yammer

Ian McFarland CTO New Context

Kate Rutter Founder LUXr Inc

Zach Larson

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