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Creating Engagement: Brains, Games & Design

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This segment gives you a psychological dashboard for creating compelling and engaging interaction experiences. Learn to manage the trigger points for critical psychological processes that determine the mental states of immersion, engagement, and flow so you can motivate your audience to keep playing, start buying, or even change the world. Your design starts in the senses and is translated by the brain into emotion, experience and behavior. With neurocognition and positive psychology, we unlock the translation process for engagement, flow, story, and pleasure. Get a checklist to create more successful and satisfying interactive media, whether it’s on a single platform, across media, or a transmedia, to improve the outcomes of your projects, from design and marketing to advocacy. Avoid unintended consequences of design. Learn to engage the brain to create engaging user experience, motivation and influence behavior.



Pamela Rutledge Dir Media Psychology Research Center

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