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The Math That Matters in the Real-time Web

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“My real competition is 30 billion status updates,” PepsiCo Head of
Digital Shiv Singh has said of the challenge of being a brand in the
social space. Attention is the new bottleneck, and brands often adopt
counter-productive strategies to try and break through. They swear by
a certain time of day or spend an inordinate amount of time trying to
reach certain Twitter users deemed "influencers."

But what if there's something else at work in the massive flow of
information on Twitter? What if its not so much these so-called
"influencers" that propel a piece of information to major viral
broadcast, but the micro-networks and the aggregated interactions that
amass around them instead? Part case study of how massive spreads of
information and half how-to on the tools brands need to create and
manage micro-networks, this presentation will unlock that data
patterns on social that, when intelligently predicted and captured,
can be used to amplify the spread of a message on a grand scale.



Gilad Lotan VP R&D SocialFlow

Gilad Lotan is the VP of Research and Development for SocialFlow, where he utilizes data driven approaches to draw insight and understanding from social streams. Previously, Gilad served as a program manager at Microsoft's FUSE labs. Past work includes 'Retweet Revolution', visualizing the flow of information during the 2009 #IranElection riots, an IJOC study investigating the relationship between mainstream media and social media and 'Engaging News Hungry Audiences Tweet by Tweet', an analysis of media Twitter audiences. Gilad has presented at TED, IXDA, Summit Series, ICWSM, HICCS and CHI.

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