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Best Practices: Native + Web Hybrid Mobile Apps

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Learn different ways to integrate HTML5 into native apps, what tools you can use, and when to build your own. We'll cover achieving high graphics frame rates, touch responsiveness while conserving battery life. Learn the benefits and tradeoffs of mobile graphics hardware acceleration in animation and emulating native UI in mobile web browsers. We'll also touch on Flipboard's use of HTML5.We'll cover these specific technology areas: WebKit and JavaScriptCore; native view system architecture, animated scene graphs; and hardware accelerated graphics drawing and compositing.



Charles Ying Developer Flipboard

Charles Ying is an entrepreneur and developer with a passion for mobile, web, and user interaction design. He is a developer at Flipboard, focusing on graphics and the automated magazine layout engine for Flipboard Pages.

He is also the developer of the Snow Stack CSS 3D web demo, and has dabbled with graphics on the web and mobile for many years now.

He is previously the co-founder of PixVerse, a Flash-embeddable virtual world company and lead for Sony's PS3 rapid development platform, Trilitihium.

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